Mobile RUM - React Native SDK

The Mobile RUM SDK provides a customizable suite of tools to analyze and optimize the performance of React Native applications. Seamlessly track user sessions and auto-instrument HTTP monitoring, JS errors, navigation tracking for react-navigation, and native crash errors.


React Native version 0.68 or above. Check your React Native version with the following command:

React Navigation 5 & 6 and Expo are both supported by the Middleware React Native SDK

Install & Instrument Your React Application

Step 1: Install Middleware React Native SDK

Step 2: Initialize Middleware React Native SDK

Custom Configurations


Create custom logs using the Middleware API:

Global Attributes

Set global attributes with the setGlobalAttributes function:

Custom Errors

Report Custom errors with the following try and catch statment:

Updating Location Information

Set the latitude and longitude as global attributes:

Session Recordings

The maximum session recording duration is four hours. If users are inactive for more than 15 minutes at a time, session recordings will be stopped. If users exceed more than four hours in a single session or become active again after the 15-minute inactivity timeout, a new session will be automatically created.

Session recording is enabled by default. Disable this feature by passing sessionRecording: false in the following configuration:


User passwords are automatically masked by default. Other sensitive information like credit card data and API keys must be masked manually.

Blur sensitive information in session recordings by embedding the following JSX component:

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