Prometheus & Kubernetes

Retrieve metrics from a Prometheus endpoint inside K8s.

Add Prometheus Integration as a sidecar container

We are currently updating this feature. If you have any issues configuring this integration, please contast us at support[at]

To scrape the prometheus endpoint via Middleware Agent, You will have to add this sidecar container in your pod:

Understanding Environment Variables

MW_TARGET : Specifies the target URL for the Middleware service. This URL defines the endpoint where your application should interact with the middleware.

MW_API_KEY : Provides the API key required for authenticating with the Middleware service. Ensure the key is kept confidential and only shared with authorized users or services.

PROMETHEUS_SCRAPE_CONFIG : Configures Prometheus scraping targets. This variable should be set in the format 'job@address:port', where 'job' represents the scraping job name, 'address' is the IP address or hostname, and 'port' is the port to scrape metrics from.

Visualize Your Prometheus Metrics

You can now access this metrics data under our Dashboard builder

  1. Create a new report
  2. 'Add New Widget' in the report.
  3. Select "prometheus" under the "Data Source" dropdown as shown in the screenshot below. You will be able to see a list of your metrics.

These metrics can be visualized using various widget types, such as Timeseries, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, and more.


Missing Integrations Menu

If you do not see the Integrations Menu in Middlware, that means your account has not been granted Installation permissions. Contact your system administrator to add the Installation permission to your user role in Settings.

Next Steps

Need assistance or want to learn more about Middleware? Contact our support team in Slack.