The Integrations section provides teams a more robust Middleware experience by connecting users to their favorite third-party applications. Middleware currently offers four different types of integrations: Collaboration, Cloud, Databases, and Telemetry. Each integration offers unique benefits to help you optimize your team’s workflows and extend the capabilities of your Middleware account.

Collaboration: Enhance team productivity by integrating with popular tools such as Jira, Slack, PagerDuty, and Opsgenie. Streamline communication and incident management to keep your teams well-connected and informed.

Cloud: Seamlessly connect to cloud services like AWS CloudWatch to gain insights into your cloud infrastructure. Monitor, analyze, and optimize cloud resources with ease.

Databases: Integrate with databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL to manage and monitor database performance efficiently. Ensure data integrity and streamline database operations.

Telemetry: Leverage telemetry solutions like Prometheus to gain in-depth visibility into your application’s performance. Monitor key metrics and troubleshoot issues with precision.


Improved Collaboration: Enhance cross-functional collaboration, visibility, and ensure swift incident management throughout your organization.

Efficient Cloud Management: Monitor your cloud usage, optimize resource utilization, and proactively manage your cloud environment with cloud integrations.

Streamlined Database Operations: Efficiently manage and monitor database performance, ensuring data integrity and streamlined database operations.

In-Depth Application Insights: Gain real-time insights into application performance and quickly troubleshoot issues with telemetry integrations.


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