This guide walks you through installing the Infrastructure Agent (Infra Agent) on a Microsoft Windows machine. These instructions can also be found on the Installation page in your Middleware Account.


1 Windows Version

Microsoft Windows v10 or above

2 Windows Server

For Microsoft Windows Server instances, Windows Server 2016 and above

3 Windows Processor

Microsoft Windows 64-bit


Step 1: Download Infra Agent Installer

Log in to Middleware, navigate to the Installation Page in the bottom left corner and select Windows from the Infrastructure section

Download the Infra Agent Installer

Step 2: Run & Complete Install Wizard

Right-click the Installer, select Run as administrator, and complete the Install Wizard.

Ensure you have your MW API Key & MW Target URL. Access them in your MW Account

Step 3: Verify Installation

Verify the Infra Agent has been successfully installed with one of the following methods:

Windows Service Manager

Search for the Middleware Agent in your Windows Service Manager.

The Middleware Agent should be in Running status.


Verify the Infra Agent has been successfully installed with the following command:

The mw-windows-agent should be in Running status


Run only one Infra Agent per host. Multiple agents will cause unexpected behavior.

Once the Infra Agent is installed, metrics should begin appearing in your Middleware Account within a few minutes. If metrics do not appear, ensure that the machine has access to the internet, either directly or through a proxy, and that only one MW Agent is running per server instance.


To uninstall the Infra Agent on a Windows machine, follow these steps:

1 Access Settings

Access Settings in the Windows Launcher and go to Apps section

2 Navigate to Apps & Features

Under Apps & Features, locate Infra Agent and Click on Uninstall

3 Uninstall

Follow the prompts to uninstall Infra Agent

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