The Mobile RUM SDK provides a customizable suite of tools to analyze and optimize the performance of iOS applications. Isolate ANR and network changes, quickly detect application crashes, identify slow or frozen frames and more.

To see an example of how to deploy the Mobile RUM iOS SDK, navigate to our GitHub repository here.


iOS version 13, macOS version 10_15, and tvOS version 13 or above. Check your iOS SDK version with the following command:

xcodebuild -showsdks

Install & Instrument Your iOS Application

Custom Configurations

Instrumentation Attributes

The following methods can be used for instrumenting & configuring your application.

.rumAccessToken(String)Sets RUM account access token to authorize client to send telemetry to Middleware
.target(String)Sets target URL to the location you will send telemetry data to(e.g. Middleware)
.serviceName(String)Sets service name for your application
.deploymentEnvironment(String)Sets environment attribute on spans generated by instrumentation(e.g. PROD & DEV)
.disableCrashReportingInstrumentation()Disable crash reporting (which is enabled by default)
.disableNetworkMonitoring()Disable HTTP Instrumentation (which is enabled by default)
.disableSlowRenderingDetection()Disable slow/frozen frame renders (which is enabled by default)
.slowFrameDetectionThresholdMs(Double)Sets default polling for slow render detection. Default value is 16.7 milliseconds
.frozenFrameDetectionThresholdMs(Double)Sets default polling for frozen render detection. Default value is 700 milliseconds
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