The Cassandra Database Integration provides seamless access to performance metrics and enables users to effortlessly visualize crucial insights in a single dashboard. The integration works by pulling metrics from the database through the Middleware Host Agent.

This integration is only supported for users with the default AllowAllAuthenticator authentication permissions.


Middleware Host Agent (MW Agent) must be installed on your local machine. To install the MW Agent, see our Installation Guide.


Step 1: Access Integrations

Login to your Middleware account, navigate to the Installations page in the bottom left corner, select All Integrations and click Cassandra

Step 2: Connect Cassandra Instance

To access Cassandra metrics, choose a host to connect to your Cassandra Cluster

Hosts will only show up in this list if they have a running Host Agent

Step 3: Configure Your Host

Configure your host to connect to the IP address and JMX port of Cassandra Cluster

The default port for your Cassandra instance is 7199

Visualize Your Data

Default Cassandra Dashboard

Quickly access your Cassandra data with Middleware’s default Cassandra dashboard. Navigate to the Dashboard Builder and select the Cassandra - Metrics Dashboard

Create Cassandra Widgets

Create your own widget from scratch. Navigate to the Dashboard Builder and select the dashboard you would like to create a widget in. Select Add New Widget and choose the cassandra data source.

Learn more about creating your own widgets and dashboards in the Dashboard Builder section.

Metrics Collected

Metrics NameDescription
cassandra.client.request.countTotal count of client requests
cassandra.client.request.error.countCount of errors that occurred during client requests
cassandra.client.request.range_slice.latency.50p50th percentile latency for range slice requests
cassandra.client.request.range_slice.latency.99p99th percentile latency for range slice requests
cassandra.client.request.range_slice.latency.maxMaximum latency for range slice requests percentile latency for read requests percentile latency for read requests latency for read requests
cassandra.client.request.write.latency.50p50th percentile latency for write requests
cassandra.client.request.write.latency.99p99th percentile latency for write requests
cassandra.client.request.write.latency.maxMaximum latency for write requests
cassandra.compaction.tasks.completedCount of completed compaction tasks
cassandra.compaction.tasksCurrent count of compaction tasks of storage loads count of hints stored of hints currently in progress