Kubernetes Agent with MS Powershell

The following section walks you through installing the Infrastructure Agent (Infra Agent) with Microsoft Powershell scripts. This method provides you the ability to install the Infra Agent using helm instead of manifest files.

The following steps assume that you have already installed kubectl on your machine


1 Kubernetes Version

Kubernetes version 1.21 or above.

2 Kubernetes Access

Access to Kubernetes cluster and client (i.e. kubectl)

3 CLI Tools

Install bash, curl and wget

Step 1: Open Powershell Terminal

Set the MW_API_KEY and MW_TARGET environment variables:

Step 2: Install with Helm [Optional]

You have the option to install the Infra Agent with helm instead of using manifest files.

Set the following environment variable to use helm:

Make sure helm is already installed on your machine prior to adding the following environment variable.

Step 3: Install Infra Agent

Download the MW Kubernetes Install script and execute the following command:


Run only one Infra Agent DaemonSet per cluster per host. Multiple agents will cause unexpected behavior.

Once the Infra Agent is installed on your cluster metrics should begin appearing in the Middleware application within a few minutes. If metrics do not appear, confirm that Kubernetes has access to the internet, either directly or through a proxy, and that only one Infra Agent is running per cluster.


Download the MW Kubernetes Uninstall script and execute the following command:

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