Welcome to Middleware’s Documentation, a comprehensive resource for helping your organization effectively monitor, manage, and navigate your applications and infrastructure! Our documentation is organized into several key sections, each designed to help you optimize your Middleware experience.

Getting Started: Learn how to setup and install Middleware’s core features.

Workflows: Optimize your user experience and tailor our product to fit your teams needs.

Administration: Dive into the nitty-gritty details of your Middleware Account Settings.

Getting Started with Middleware

Middleware Agent: Install the Middleware Agent(MW Agent) and begin exploring Middleware

APM: Install Application Performance Monitoring(APM) tools for your enitre tech stack

Integrations: Configure integrations across collaboration, cloud, database, and telemetry tools

RUM: Install the Real User Monitoring(RUM) application to analyze and track user interactions

Data Ingestion APIs: Configure custom metrics using OpenTelemetry and the Middleware API

Need assistance or want to learn more about Middleware? Contact us at support[at]middleware.io.