Retrieve metrics from a Prometheus endpoint.


Middleware Host Agent (MW Agent) must be installed on your local machine. To install the MW Agent, see our Installation Guide.


Follow these steps to set up the Prometheus integration:

  1. In the Middleware UI, navigate to the Integrations page
  2. Click on the Prometheus integration and you will see some settings as shown below:

a) First you will need to select the host from which you can access your prometheus endpoint.

b) Add Prometheus Endpoint Name and URL, which we call Job and Target in Prometheus. (You can also add multiple URLs under 1 name) Once you save these settings. Middleware agent will start collecting metrics from the Prometheus endpoint.

Create your own dashboard

You can create your custom dashboard based on prometheus endpoint we just scraped.

When adding a new widget to an existing dashboard, you will find a list of available Prometheus metrics under the "service" data source.

These metrics can be visualized using various widget types, such as Timeseries, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, and more.

Data source "service" contains all the miscellaneous sources. Soon, we will be promoting "prometheus" as a data source.


Missing Integrations Menu

If you do not see the Integrations Menu in Middlware, that means your account has not been granted Installation permissions. Contact your system administrator to add the Installation permission to your user role in Settings.

Next Steps

Need assistance or want to learn more about Middleware? Contact our support team in Slack.