Node.js APM setup
  • 05 Jan 2023
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Node.js APM setup

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Prequisites :

  • To monitor APM data on dashboard, Middleware Host agent needs to be installed.
  • You can refer this demo project to refer use cases of APM.

Step 1 : Install NPM package

Run this in your terminal

npm install --save

Step 2 : Prepend APM script

Add these lines given below at the very start of your project.

const tracker = require('');
    projectName: "your-project-name",
    serviceName: "your-service-name",

Collect Node.js specific metrics

The metrics collection starts automatically as soon as you complete Step 2

Distributed Tracing

All your APIs are auto-instrumented as soon as you complete Step 2

Add custom logs'Info sample');
tracker.warn('Warning sample');
tracker.debug('Debugging Sample');
tracker.error('Error Sample');

If you want to add stack trace along with the error log, you can follow the snippet as given below

tracker.error(new Error('Error sample with stack trace'));

Note :

If you are using APM in a Kubernetes cluster, Make sure to pass this ENV variable:{FIRST-5-LETTERS-OF-API-KEY}.svc.cluster.local

Error Handling :

If you want to record exception in traces then you can use track.errorRecord(error) method.

 app.get('/error', function (req, res) {
        throw new Error('oh error!');
    }catch (e) {

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