Public IP Addresses

Our synthetic agent is designed to test different networks and protocols of your application. If your system has restricted access to certain networks only, you will need to whitelist the following public IP addresses of our infrastructure to allow our synthetic agent to access your services for monitoring.

Here are the public IP addresses of our servers, listed by region:

US East (N. Virginia)

US West (N. California)

Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

Asia Pacific (Seoul)

Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

Europe (Frankfurt)

Europe (London)

Europe (Paris)

Canada (Central)

South America (São Paulo)

Middle East (Bahrain)

Africa (Cape Town)

Please note that we may add, remove or change server IP addresses from time to time, for security and performance reasons. We will notify you in advance of any planned changes.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at . We are always here to help you.