Integrate slack with Middleware to get alert notifications on your slack channels. With this integration, you can customize alerts and get notifications in any channel or thread on your slack.


  1. Slack account with admin access.
  2. Middleware account with access to the integration section.


Follow these steps to set up slack integration with middleware account. 

  1. Login to Middleware account and navigate to the slack integration under installation section.
    Login -> Installations -> Integrations -> slack

  2. Clicking on slack will redirect you to slack login page.

  3. You will be redirected to the Slack integration page. Here, you need to allow the alert module to access your Slack account and channel list. This will enable the module to send notifications to the appropriate channel(s).

  4. After authorization, slack gets connected to your Middleware account.

Configure alerts on slack channel

After integrating Slack, proceed with the following steps to configure alert notifications in Slack.

  1. Navigate to alerts from the left menu.
  2. Alerts -> Rules -> create new ->Notify your team
    In the “Notify your team”, select the Slack channel where you want to receive the notification. This could be a channel you have created specifically for monitoring and alerts or an existing channel where your team members are already collaborating.


  1. If you cannot see the “Integration” menu in middleware, please ensure that you have access to the Integration section. You can confirm this with the Middleware account administrator.
  2. To do this integration, you must have Slack admin access.