Multistep Synthetic Monitoring Requests create robust methods for simulating system-wide interactions and transactions. Multistep Requests lets response values from one Step be passed to successive Steps in a single Monitor, creating a chain of requests that can be used to simulate complex behaviors.


If you have more than one step in your Monitor, all assertions will be applied to every step. 

Configure Workflow

Step 1: Create New Monitor

  1. Navigate to Synthetic monitoring

  2. Create Monitor

Step 2: Click HTTP Request Type

Step 3: Setup Monitor

  1. Check Multistep API Tests

  2. Name your Step

  3. Paste your URL

  4. Click Test URL

Select Advanced Options to configure Request Options, Authentications, Query Params and Privacy options

Step 4: Preview Monitor

  1. Open Request Preview

  2. Select desired parameter

  3. Copy selected parameter 

The number at the front of the parameter indicates the order of steps in the Monitor (e.g. {{$0.result.cars}} has a leading 0 because it is the first request in the first step of the Monitor).

Step 5: Add more Steps [optional]

  1. Navigate to Advanced Options

  2. Select Query Params

  3. Paste parameter from Request Preview into Value

  4. Name Query Param

Step 6: Define Assertions

If you have more than one step in your Monitor, all assertions will be applied to every step.

Step 7: Select Locations

Select the regions from which your Monitor will send from.

Step 8: Specify Test Frequency

Define the desired frequency by which your Monitor will fire at.

Step 9: Choose Notification Source

Gmail is the default notification. Middleware also integrates with Slack as a notification source.

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