How can I be sure my data is secured?

We keep security as our top priority including universal HTTPS, strong TLS configurations, and HTTP strict transport security. Middleware is compliant with Data security protocols such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, and SOC 2 type ||. Read more about security policies.

What are the billing options?

We have a monthly plan available. We can customize billing plans to meet your needs. You can contact us at [email protected] for customized pricing.

Can I subscribe only for one product (ex: log monitoring) and not for others (ex: APM)?

Yes. We have three products, and you can choose any or all of them. You will only be charged for the products to which you have subscribed.

Can I run apm with container?

Yes, you can run APM in a containerized environment. The number of containers running on each host (node) does not impact the APM host-based price

How can I manage high log volume in cost effecting way?

We offer a solution where you can save your log in your own data storage which saves your cost when you have a high log volume. To know more about it, please book a demo with our Product export.

What happens if I get unexpectedly high number of hosts for some time?

We don't charge per host amount for such cases. we charge based on number of host for month. assuming it happens for only some period of time and your monthly average is lower on other days, your bill is unaffected.

How charges works in serverless monitoring?

For 1M traces generated from serverless application , you will be charged $5.

How many events are included per host?

In infrastructure monitoring , you can monitor unlimited events(metrics) per host without any extra cost.

How charges are calculated in synthetic monitoring?

We charge based on number of synthetic checks (pings). First 20K checks are free of charge. After that you will be charged $2 per 10K synthetic checks.

Every ping made to your endpoint will count as an individual synthetic check.

Do you have a discount for startups and nonprofits?

We do! Contact us to learn more about discount options.

Need assistance or want to learn more about Middleware? Contact our support team in Slack.