Projects allow you to easily separate your Observability stack between multiple cloud architectures and applications. They do so by separating modules (Dashboard, Infrastructure Monitoring, APM, Logs, RUM, Synthetic Monitoring, Recommendations) into isolated and controlled environments.


Usage Dashboard

The Usage section shows data across all Projects and is visible to all Middleware Admins. You can choose to view all Projects usage at once, or per Project.

Plans & Billing

Middleware supports one Credit Card shared for the entire Account, and will bill according to aggregate usage across all Projects. 


Users have access to all Projects for the time being. We will implement per Project user access eventually.

Create New Project

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Step 2: Select Projects

Step 3: Click Create Project

Step 4: Enter Project Details

The name of your Alias will be the default subdomain (e.g., the subdomain & URL of the below account will be dev-env.middleware.io). Subdomains must be unique across all Middleware Accounts and are adjustable at any time.

Switch between Projects

Step 1: Click Profile

Step 2: Choose your Project 

Install Project Modules

You must install the specific modules for your new Project. See the related Getting Started guides to get going.

Do not run more than one Middleware agent per machine. Multiple agents will cause unexpected behavior.
Need assistance or want to learn more about Middleware? Contact us at support[at]middleware.io.