The Projects section allows you to separate your organizations observability stack between architectures, microservices, and cross-functional teams. Projects are separated into modules (e.g. Dashboards, Infrastructure Monitoring, APM, Logs, RUM, Synthetic Monitoring, etc.) which are isolated and controlled environments that allow project members to access their team-specific data.

Users have access to all Projects and can see details in the Usage section. Per Project user access has not ben released.

Create New Project

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Navigate to the Projects section in Settings and click Create Project:

Step 2: Enter Project Details

Name your project, provide a description, and create an alias:

The name of your Alias will be the default subdomain (e.g., the subdomain & URL of the below account will be Subdomains must be unique across all Middleware Accounts and are adjustable at any time.

Switch Between Projects

Navigate to your Profile, select Projects, and choose your desired Project:

Install Project Modules

You are required to install modules for new Projects on your own machine to access all data within that Project. See the related Getting Started guides to install all necessary modules.

Do not run more than one Middleware agent per machine. Multiple agents will cause unexpected behavior.
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