Profile allows you to view and update your account information including name, role, status, created date, last modified date, and plan name.
We have three plans and by default will be the trial plan. 

  • Trial: Middleware provides 14 days of free trial. In this period of time, you will be able to access data from unlimited machines with all features.
  • Free Forever: After completion of the trial period you can use Middleware with all features for free forever with following data cap.
    Log Monitoring:  Get logs data up to 1M log events.
    Infrastructure Monitoring: Get infrastructure monitoring data up to 2 hosts.
    APM: Get APM data up to 2 hosts. 
  • Pay As You Go: If you want to access data from unlimited machines you will need to upgrade your plan. Know more about plan details.

Update Profile/change password

You can update your profile (change name, and phone number) and change the password of your account from the “update user information” option under the profile section.\


See the list of users with the status in the users tab under the settings module.  you can search users by name and filter users by user status (Active user/ invited user).

Invite user: new invited user will get an invitation email to accept & join. until the invitation is accepted , status will be invite user.
Active user: Once user accepts the invitation , status will be active users.

You can view information about users and edit/delete them from the user list


Create a team by clicking on the Create New Team button under the Teams section. To create a team you have to add users and assign roles. The team will have access as per allocated roles.