• Python APM is now compatible with applications created with Django
  • New Kubernetes Metrics Dashboards
  • Users can now mask their sensitive data by adding regex at the ingestion level. Access this by navigating to Settings -> Ingestion Controls -> Sensitive Data Masking
  • Allow users to update and edit their default file log paths. Access this by navigating to Settings -> Ingestion Control -> Milddeware Agent Log Paths
  • Users can now filter their Synthetic Monitoring list
  • Collapsible filter bar in all RUM modules
  • Users can now highlight events within a given RUM session


  • Updated Filter Count and Filter Correlation in Logs module
  • Changed Logs module to use global date picker component
  • Updated query for calculating log size in Log module
  • Information in graph hover-overs are now sorted in descending order
  • Host tags (which are added at the time of Agent installation) are now displayed inside Infra Details and are capable of being filtered


  • Fixed Alert correlation issue that incorrectly redirected users when drilling down into alerts
  • Fixed Kubernetes PowerShell installation page
  • Fixed Refresh button in the Welcome Dashboard
  • Users can now recieve alerts for the total percentage of CPU used in their Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Fixed RUM application list, which now displays all previously created RUM applications, regardless of the date and time they were created
  • Fixed database billing compatibility for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB