January 3, 2024



  • Changed naming conventions within the Infrastructure, RUM and Monitoring sections
  • Disabled the auto creation of reports after login
  • Query update on counting log size (which counts whole table size including columns which includes log attributes)
  • Added more metrics and data for Kubernetes monitoring
  • Providing Kubernetes events as logs


  • RUM SDK innacurate crash count
  • Removed direct object references from all locations within the app
  • Infrastructure monitoring “live” button enabled
  • Consistency in graph data when modifying the date-time for container list and host list inside infrastructure monitoring
  • Updated graphs as per selected time range for host listing
  • Date and time range will remain constant while navigating throughout the platform (e.g. If user sets the date picker to “last 7 days” in the APM section and moves to logs, the date picker will be auto set to “last 7 days” in logs)
  • Added default metrics (custom dashboards) inside all infrastructure monitoring tabs
  • Stopped blank page issue within reports

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