• Settings -> Log Ingestion Controls for Kubernetes to limit Kubernetes log collection
  • Added option for users to get notified when alert status changes from any status to ok
  • Added “max log size” ingestion control for logs
  • Apache Integration has more log metrics available for collection
  • Added the following RPM Package Managers to the Linux Installation:
    • Rocky Linux
    • AlmaLinux
    • SUSE linux
    • Oracle Linux


  • Added diff() function at the alert configuration level to only display applicable data types
  • Added search feature that allows users to search logs by clicking on individual attribute values
  • Users can now expand attribute values in JSON format


  • Fixed filter attributes load buffering issue
  • Fixed alert page pagination issue
  • Fixed alert issue to ensure users are notified in real-time when the alert status changes to resolved
  • Fixed Custom Metrics logging issue