Administration is designed specifically for system administrators to ensure their tasks are executed with precision and efficiency. Each section transparently provides all of the necessary guides and tools for users to maintain a seamless and well-organized observability environment.

Getting Started with Administration

Profile: View your Profile status and change your Account information

Users: Add, track, and reconfigure permissions of new Users in your organization

Teams: Create, manage, and reconfigure permissions of large groups within your organization

Roles & Permissions: Oversee roles and their permissions within your organization

Projects: Separate your observability stack across distinct projects for seamless workflows

Plans & Billing: Reveiw and purchase Middleware’s subscription plans

Usage: Monitor and locally download your usage over any timeframe and selected projects

API Keys: Create, modify, and access all of your API keys

Legal & Compliance: Review Middleware’s Terms and Conditions and Security policies

Advanced: Disable monitoring and collecting data to edit directory paths for logging

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