APM Dashboard
  • 21 Oct 2022
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APM Dashboard

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APM Overview

Middleware's application performance monitoring (APM) provides a unified monitoring service for all your apps and microservices. Monitor everything from the hundreds of dependencies of a modern stack down to simple web-transaction times and throughput of an app.
Keep track of your app's health in real-time by monitoring your services and traces through pre-built dashboard.

APM Dashboard

The APM dashboard displays all of your application's data, allowing you to monitor the health of your application.


The data from your application's number of requests vs. number of errors for the selected timeframe will be displayed in a chart format.
you can select any specific project from the filter option to see data of specific project and with the time filter , you can select time range.

Total Request

Number of request for your application displays here.

Total success

Total success is the number of requests that have a success response.

Total Errors

Total error is the number of errors in your application's requests.

Avg Response 

It shows the average time of total requests in your application.

p75 Latency

it shows the value of p75 Latency for all requests in your application.

p99 Latency

it shows the value of p99 Latency for all your requests in your application.

Error chart

This chart shows the number of error over the period of time.

Requests vs Errors

This chart shows the data of APM errors vs APM requests with success response.


This charts shows the number of traces over the period of time.


This charts shows the p50 , p75, p95, p99 latency count.

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