What is a Host Agent?

Middleware Host Agents are software components that will run on your infrastructure and communicate with Middleware’s backend. The data collected is sent to Middleware for timeseries storage and is made available to users through the Unified View and Infrastructure Host dashboards, or when building a Custom Dashboard.

List of Available Host Agents

  1. Kubernetes (infrastructure + Auto-Instrumentation)
  2. Linux (DEB + RPM)
  3. Docker based Agent

Benefits of Host Agent based Data collection

  1. Granularity and depth: Host agents provide detailed insights into host performance and behavior, collecting metrics at the system and process level.
  2. Real-time monitoring: Host agents continuously collect data in real-time, enabling prompt issue detection and proactive problem resolution.
  3. Low overhead: Host agents are lightweight, minimizing the impact on system resources while efficiently monitoring performance.
  4. Offline operation: Host agents can collect data even without network connectivity, preventing data loss during disruptions.
  5. Security and privacy: Host agents operate within the trusted boundaries of host systems, reducing exposure to external risks and enhancing data security.
  6. Customizability and extensibility: Host agents offer flexibility for configuration, customization, and integration with other tools and frameworks.
  7. Compatibility with legacy systems: Host agents enable data collection from non-standard systems lacking comprehensive APIs or standardized interfaces.