You can see Logs of your infrastructure and applications in a unified dashboard. At the top part, you can see the summary of Logs and at the bottom part, you can see a list of logs with details.

Details of data in Logs

As per the selected timeframe in the chart, data of Logs will display. The top module is showing complete counts of

  • Total Logs (incl. Unique logs)
  • Total Errors.
  • Total Warning.
  • Total Info Logs.

The down module contains 2 cards. These cards also contain the following data for a recent 1 Hour or selected interval.

  • Log ratio
  • Log list

Log Ratio

This card shows the log trends in the form of a stacked-bar format, you can get a complete idea of log numbers (with Errors, Warnings, Info & Debug counts) for every minute up to 1 hour. You can also apply the filter on this card If you want to see only the Errors or Warnings trend. so this will more helpful to measure application behavior. This data gets updated in real-time.

Log List

This card will show the recent logs as per the mode, If Live mode is on then you will see all the coming logs & If History mode is on then it will show the logs based on the selected time frame. you can modify it with available filters & you can categories your logs based on App & Infra filter. You can also check its triggered counts, it will be incremented format if the same log will trigger again. each log has its own Mini-chart on the right side, that represents the counts of the same log occurrences in the last 1 hour.

To get more details of each log, you can click on any log so it will open a side panel to elaborate more on that log with its Tags, Properties, Raw data & Source/Similar logs. To know more about its side panel, please refer to this link.

If there are no logs available for the last 1 hour, it shows the latest logs since 24 hours.  So you can better idea what was the problem in the system for last 24 hour.