Unified View
  • 01 Sep 2022
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Unified View

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Middleware's unified view displays key performance metrics, logs, and traces, allowing you to monitor the health of your infrastructure and applications.

Why it matters

You can see metrics, logs, and traces for your applications in a unified view, which simplifies application monitoring.
There is no need to navigate from one screen to another; all of your important data is on one screen.

Get started with dashboard

To access the unified dashboard , go to app.middleware.io and dashboard will open .
write from where to open and screenshot and point down name of each part like chart , matrics , log , traces

Unified View

Unified view

You can see logs and metrics in chart format at the top .
Unified view contains three section

  1. Metrics
  2. Logs
  3. Traces

You can see the data in realtime with "Live" mode of unified view. You can select timeframe in chart and data of metrics , logs and traces will be displyaed as per selected timeframe .