Host list
  • 20 Oct 2022
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Host list

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Middleware's host list provides a central, high-level view of every host in your environment and pulls together metadata and relevant metrics to help you get the full picture of each one.
The Host list shows all of your hosts monitored by Middleware. Host list data is updated in real-time. You can search data for the specific host by typing hostname in the search bar.

Details of data in Host list

Following information is displayed in the host list.

Host name

This shows the name of your host.


This shows the status of your host (up or down). It displays UP when expected metrics are received and DOWN when there is no data from host to middleware. 


This shows client OS and cloud platform details.

CPU Usage

This shows the percentage of CPU used.

RAM Usage

This shows the percentage of RAM used.

AVG Load

This displays the system load over the selected timeframe.


This displays the name of the services running on the host.


You can select the time from the filter option to see the data for the specific time period.

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