Supported .NET Version

The .NET APM should work well with .NET 7+ applications. You can check this with …

dotnet --version

Current Technical Approach

Our .NET APM works on custom .NET plugin based on OpenTelemetry

We have customized this base package based on our product requirement.

  • Added the support of metrics, traces, and custom logger.
  • Set up data export rules, so that telemetry data can be forwarded to our Host Agent


For .NET plugin feature updates, You can refer release list over here.

Feature list

Application LogsNot yet implemented
Custom LogsAvailable


  • We are planning to add the suport the unavailable features in feature list.
  • We are planning to support Hostless APM as well which can send data directly to Middleware without need of any host agent. This will help to monitor cloud based managed applications.