It may take a few moments before you start seeing metrics appear when you first install the agent, the time can vary depending on host type and size of cluster. If you do not see metrics in the Unified View after a minute or two take a look at the list below for common fixes. Our team is also available to assist in the Slack channel that was created for you at sign up.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Is your host connected to the internet or is it accessible via a proxy?

    Please make sure that the host is connected to the internet or if you are using a proxy, make sure that you can connect throufgh the proxy.

  2. Is there only one Middleware Agent running on your Infrastructure?

    Please make sure you are not running more than one Middleware agent per infrastructure, it may result in unexpected behavior like data synchronization or duplication of data.

  3. Having trouble starting your Docker engine?

    - Make sure you are using the latest docker desktop version.

    - Restart your docker desktop.

    - From the Docker menu, select Settings > General.

    - Select the Use WSL 2 based engine check box.

    - Click Apply & Restart.

  4. Having problems installing and running Docker?

    If you are having problems installing and running Docker, please refer to this guide .