Linux based agent overview

Supported Machines

Independent Systems
Ubuntu 18.04x86 + ARM
Ubuntu 20.04x86 + ARM
Ubuntu 22.04x86 + ARM
AWS MachinesAgent CompatibilityCompatible Script
Amazon Linuxx86 + ARMRPM
Ubuntux86 + ARMDEB
Debianx86 + ARMDEB
Red HatWill add support Soon (Meanwhile Refer Docker Agent)RPM

For Ubuntu 16.04 and older, we suggest to stick with Docker Installation

Please contact us, if you find more machines that works well with our agent and if you need support for any particular Architecture / OS version that is not listed above

Current Technical Approach

Currently we are distributing APT packages that can be installed on the machines given above.


  1. We are planning to add support for RPM based machines.