Auto-Instrumentation in Kubernetes

Our Kubernetes auto-instrumentation script…

  • Monitors your Kubernetes cluster as an Infrastructure
  • Collects distributed traces for all the applications running inside your cluster

How Auto-Instrumentation Works

Once user hits the Kubernetes Auto-Instrumentation script, the script will install a helm chart in the cluster, which will …

  1. Detect programming languages for all the pods running inside your cluster. (Refer Language Support section at bottom)
  2. Install Opentelemetry auto-instrumentation libraries in all the pods that user wants to monitor.
  3. Install a Daemonset to monitor the performance of all the K8s components. Ex. Nodes, Pods, Containers, etc.
  4. Send all infrastructure + application data to Middleware backend !

Language Support

LanguageVersion Support
Node.jsDetails coming soon
PythonDetails coming soon
JavaDetails coming soon
C#Details coming soon
GolangDetails coming soon
Golang distributed tracing support is made possible by eBPF